For bulk trade and for end users such as transformer manufacturers:
We are one of the foremost suppliers in the UK of enamelled copper wire, stranded and coloured wire, rectangular enamelled or nomex covered copper, bare / tinned / silver & gold plated copper wires, and a huge range of resistance wires. We also stock other types of wires.

For the craft and hobby market:
We are the pioneers of supplying small quantities of wire for small projects, and coloured craft and knitted wire products for the craft market.

For audiophiles:
We have a range of 99.99% silver wire for high end audio applications.

We also stock other metals such as brass, bronze, iron, silver, stainless steel...

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online we would be pleased to hear from you!



We specialise in the sale of:

Bulk wire to the industrial trade
Non-bulk for the hobbyist
Craft Wire to the craft end-market
Craft Wire for Resellers

We can supply on reels from 50g reel to 1000s kilos, and certain products in coils & by length.

Bulk Wire

Bulk Wire

We have currently have available almost all ex stock in our ESSEX stores:

All wire are in the main range of dual coat polyester and solderable polyurethane.

These are fully UL approved, RoHs compliant and conform to following BSEN / IEC standards:
BSEN / IEC 60317-13: non-solderable polyester 200 Deg C
BSEN / IEC 60317-20: solderable polyurethane 155 Deg C

We also now have available:
BSEN / IEC60317-21: solderable polyurethane 155 Deg C + nylon overcoat
BSEN / IEC60317-51: solderable polyurethane 180 Deg C
BSEN / IEC 60317-35: solderable polyurethane 155 Deg C + bonding layer

We also stock and manufacture a wide range of precious metals, litz, stranded, bonded bifilar, textile covered, resistance wires and silicone rubber cable.

Bulk material are generally available on the following types of reels:

On standard DIN type reels:
D160 = Carries approx 6kgs
D200 = Carries approx 12kgs
D250 = Carries approx 24kgs
D355 = Carries approx 40kgs
D500 = Carries approx 90kgs

On vertical reels:
V100 ( D250/400 ) = Carries approx 45kgs
V200 ( D315/500 ) = Carries approx 90kgs
V400 ( D400/630 ) = Carries approx 180kgs

Please contact us if you have any of the above wire requirements, or any special wire required for special orders.

Non-Bulk Wire / Craft Wire

Non-Bulk Wire / Craft Wire

We have huge range of wires suitable for craft use, including coloured craft wire, silver and gold plated wires, coloured knitted wire.

Please visit our retail site for the full up-to-date range of craft wires we have in stock.

New items on that site now includes Craft Sample Packs and Small Quantities on Coils.

Don't forget to check out the "Special Offers" section!!

Craft Wire for Re-sellers

Craft Wire for Re-sellers

The craft material we sell are also available in special made packs for craft trade resellers.

We have items including coloured craft wire, silver and gold plated wires, coloured knitted wire, are sold in small quantities and some are in pre-packed bags with the option of having your logo on the label.

Please visit for the full up-to-date range of craft wires we have for the trade reseller.

Also check out the:
"Special Offers" section for super offers
"Bargain Basement" section for limited time only offers!

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